easyJet goes to the gym

The brief

easyGym, the easyGroup’s network of sports clubs, is conquering the French territory with a simple promise: to make sport and its clubs accessible, to make life easier for everyone. As a fast-growing network, easyGym has entrusted us with the mission of asserting its uniqueness, both in its communication and in the experience of its gyms.

How to deploy the new generation of EasyGym gyms belonging to the Easy group (EasyJet) on a national level and accompany its launch to BtoB targets (franchisees) as well as BtoC targets (future gym customers)?

our recommendation

“It’s easy to be happy”: based on the easyGym brand platform, we worked on a communication and message platform, a B2B and B2C tone of voice, as well as the roll out of the brand on all media, from social media to gyms, including architecture.

1st challenge

Celebrate the reopening of the post-Covid clubs, to recreate the excitement of returning to “normal” life and the pleasures that punctuate everyday life. “C’est easy d’être happy”, the first social media campaign devised by the agency to celebrate the reopening of the clubs, frees itself from the codes of security and informational communication, and focuses on the emotional benefit: doing sport at easyGym, a real happiness therapy.

2nd challenge

Winning over future franchisees to accelerate the network’s national roll-out, with the franchise fair in mind, and two major challenges: generating new leads and driving to fair to stand easyGym. The franchise sector is highly competitive, with future franchisees looking for a profitable business. Faced with a protean competition, our approach is deliberately anti-conformist, playing on the breakthrough in the content and form of the speech, with punchlines rather than long speeches and a tone of voice that is offbeat and positive and previously dedicated to mainstream communication.

A winning combination that ensures the emergence of the easyGym discourse and arouses the curiosity and contact of future franchisees. The campaign is deployed both on and off on the relevant media – displays and press announcements – with the creation of a dedicated website and the production of videos.

3rd challenge

Recruit new members, develop the easyGym community and compensate for the natural churn. In contrast to brands that promise wonders – performance, coolness, well-being, surpassing oneself, etc. – easyGym has not over-promised and is simply proposing to adopt the easy life – life made easy.

The agency is designing and orchestrating a dozen commercial operations with variable geometry, deployed in-club and out-club, in local media and social media, according to an annual calendar according to the seasons, and will complement other sports and cultural events.n A series of brand content videos, broadcast on the easyGym ecosystem, will also enrich the major operations: back to school and good resolutions.

4th challenge

Embodying the brand’s values in the gyms

Our Retail teams proposed a differentiated treatment of the key areas – lobby, sports areas and changing rooms -, an ergonomic organisation and a multi-sensorial concept. The design capitalises on strong codes, taken from the world of sport but also from the easyjet brand:

An impactful façade, which relies as much on the orange that is the group’s trademark as on transparency to invite you in.

A warm and welcoming “responsive” lobby, allowing it to be operational at all times, for clear and efficient organisation, and a space accessible 7/7 and 24/24. It is modular and adapts to the rhythms of the year and the day, with different reception postures to enhance the coaches and services, far from the cold and intimidating gyms.

Clearly identified spaces differentiated by type of sport, with a modular system of dividers that can be easily deployed to adapt to all practices and spaces.

Changing rooms, often the poor relations of low cost rooms, treated in a natural, zen and invigorating spirit, with bright visual ceilings and walls.

Instagrammable spaces that enhance the value of the coaches and participants, promoting the brand, and circulation that allows a real immersion in the easy life. The group class room has been designed as a stage on which to bring in famous coaches with live coverage. The lighting is enhancing, even theatrical, to highlight certain areas and moments of effort.

The choice of materials (mirrors, fabrics, perforated metal…) gives the place a warm, modern, welcoming aspect, and more singular than what we see in low cost gyms.