Traces of Nature

The Brief

Following the launch of Labeyrie’s new Festive Seafood Products’ identity in 2019, a new brand territory had to be developed for its Earth Products as well.

As this category has an entirely different purchasing journey from that of Seafood and its own specific category codes, we had to distinguish its territory and adapt to it.

Our Recommendation

The white background thus gave way to a black background with a grained texture. Acrylic, worked with a brush or a knife, replaced the watercolor used on the seafood packaging. A highly pigmented, textured, or even rugged pictorial style reflects the sensoriality of the product origins and completes the fluidity and transparency of the seafood watercolors.

Each segment was treated differently – between abstraction and expressionism – to express a geographic area, a know-how, a sensation, or a form produced according to the category’s needs.

Finally, a lot of detail was given to the finishes: mat/gloss varnish, embossing, gold inlays or colored metallics.

The first range released concerned Charcuterie. The rest will be released gradually over the summer, up until the end of the year celebrations.