(Les Bienheureux)
Winning the hotly contested rum category


How do you create a brand for Les Bienheureux that can quickly emerge in the face of the sector’s heavyweights in the hotly contested rum segment, both in supermarkets and on the wine merchant circuit?


Lonsdale has created an impactful brand with a proprietary visual universe that can be adapted according to the distribution channel (accessible or premium).

Embargo, el ron libre is a tribute to the free and adventurous spirit of Les Bienheureux’s entrepreneurs, recalling the audacity of an original blend of 3 types of rum. The brand and its territory evoke the exoticism of the Caribbean and the wind of freedom that is blowing through the category with this new creation.

EMBARGO ESPLENDIDO, the top-of-the-range reference, has been designed to appeal to lovers of spiced rums in wine shops. A unique design highlighting a modern, rich and abundant universe, with a strong imagination that highlights the desire for adventure and accomplishment.