Titan Skinn Body Mist

Pampering indulgent fragrance for Indian women

The Brief

Skinn, an established brand in the fragrance industry with its range of perfumes, wanted to leverage their brand awareness and affinity in order to grow the mist category in India. Although the category is still relatively nascent, there’s been an increase in overall spending on grooming and personal care products, and Skinn sought the opportunity to inspire consumers on the pampering indulgent experience that body mists could offer as opposed to deodorants, while still being affordable.

Our Recommendation

We stepped in to help Skinn with both the 3D structural design and 2D graphics. Creating a sleek, transparent bottle structure with a gold embellished cap, not just allowing for clear varianting through the visibility of the liquid colour, but also conveying the lightness of the products versus heavier perfumes. With this structure, we developed a design system with an umbrella approach to the range while still allowing the distinct personality of each variant to shine through the heroing of different ingredients and art styles on pack.

The result is a design that brings alive the pampering experience with high aesthetics and a compelling ingredient story, conveying indulgence and femininity through the use of pastels and an overall premium impression with the structured label, sleek fonts, and gold foil embellishments.