A new adventure full of taste

The brief

Driven by the ambition to become the best ice cream company in the world, Froneri has decided, with the help of Lonsdale, to launch a whole new European brand, to position themselves in the dynamic segment of ice cream stick market… and to compete with the historic leader, Magnum.

Our recommendation

Froneri initially chose to build on the success of its existing range – Connoisseur – the group’s Australian brand, with ice cream sticks composed of special ingredients selected from around the world. But studies carried out for the European market quickly revealed the need to adapt its positioning and to take into account the insights and behaviors specific to European consumers. How can we clearly understand the nature of the product, its difference, and express the “Reconnect to true values” positioning?

Forget about Connoisseur, it’s Nuii that will enter the European stage and launch in 5 European countries.

Named Nuii (from the Maori word for “generosity”), the new brand invites to a change of scenery and embarks consumers on a journey to discover some of the wonders nature has to offer, with six recipes, each featuring an original ingredient: Java vanilla for the almond stick, mint from the valley ‘Idaho, Macadamia nuts from Australia…

The objective: to seduce Millennials in search of adventure and authenticity with the signature “Ice cream adventure”.

No detail is left to luck where the branding is concerned: a living, fluid, elementary gold, highlighted by a deep black, brings to the identity a touch of mystery and distinction. Each pack highlights the origin of the ingredients and emphasizes its “wild” side, embodied by a wild animal… Even the sticks are given an artisanal finish.

One of our primary convictions was to complete the brand’s identity with a compelling visual around the stick, giving specific detail to the packaging, telling our story but also expressing powerful taste, which is a strong driver in the category. The creation of a “river of abundance” showcases the affluence and diversity of the ingredients.

We understand that the image of the brand is especially important if it wishes to contend for the desired leadership position.

As such, Nuii differentiates itself from the sophisticated universe of competing brands by giving off a more natural and adventurous look.


the result

Voted 12th in the Kantar ranking of the top 20 FMCG innovations, with the highest penetration rate among French households: penetration 4.4%, repurchase rate: 23%

N° 1 ice cream innovation in terms of turnover in France.