Making DIY a deliberate and committed choice

The brief

Faced with a very dynamic DIY market, Weldom entrusted Lonsdale AKDV with the mission of better promoting its uniqueness as a committed retailer, in order to support its strong development, with the ambition of reaching 600 shops by 2025. To achieve this, our Retail & Architecture division rethought the customer journey and the shop concept of the brand to develop new growth drivers, adapt to new customer habits and attract franchisees.

Our recommendation

For Weldom, Lonsdale AKDV imagined the concept “C 9, La Fabrique du Neuf”, which claims maintenance and DIY as a responsible, deliberate and economical choice. The promise: to become the shop that makes people want to repair the world, as close as possible to people, their homes, their neighbourhoods and their regions. A concept designed to best serve Weldom’s strategy of proximity and ultra-modularity, and to adapt as much as possible to local needs. It can thus be deployed on different surfaces, according to 5 types of shops, from the neighbourhood to the metropolis.

The design capitalises on simple codes, taken from the world of DIY. The orange connectors, echoing the logo, evoke by extension the link between Weldom teams and their clients, between Weldom and its local environment. A strong marker of the concept, visible from the façade.

The agency has also favoured wood for conviviality and warmth, and black for modernity and industrial aspect. Low counters evoke the hardware store spirit of yesteryear, while the choice of KRAFT underlines the brand’s commitment to CSR.

The concept is based on 4 pillars:

  • Commitment and proximity, in favour of the environment (recycling services for recyclable products, selective sorting, recovery of used paint, but also the “Presque Parfaits”, the sale of products with damaged packaging) and a local impact with the promotion of the Weldom community and local partners.
  • A personalised relationship by reinforcing its heritage as a hardware store with a warm and close tone of voice, and by highlighting moments of sharing and social ties, with the Pause space, around a coffee area, a children’s corner, a space to welcome partner associations and highlight the communities supported by Weldom, or the Workshop, a space that allows customers to test and learn while benefiting from Weldom advice.
  • An effective differentiating and emotional experience.
  • The promotion of a smart product offer, recommended by the community, with the promotion of the best rated products.

The new concept is already visible in Mâcon and Aurillac, and should be deployed in around 60 shops by the end of 2022.