A dealership like at home / Feel, Touch, Dream… Roll.

The brief

They say that a car’s a second home… so why must you travel so far to choose one ? By seeking to stand out in its market, Citroën, a pioneer of technological innovation, consulted us about the idea to create THE break: how can people be put back in the heart of the brand promise and auto dealerships be put back in the centre of towns ?

Our recommendation

Now that the cathedrals on the outskirts are finished, amid supermarkets or squeezed between motorways… Three watchwords should nowadays reign supreme: friendliness, comfort and creativity. Welcome to the House of Citroën, a unique concept conceived and developed by Lonsdale to break with the usual standards of automobile showrooms, based on the idea of “like at home”. Imagined to be something like a cocoon of wellbeing, the House of Citroën is a haven of peace amid the hustle and bustle of the city. Changing, dynamic and interactive, the architectural ingredients vary and adjust to all sales-point formats to guarantee brand consistency and performance.

By means of touchscreens set along an open path, the Citroën Origins application allows anyone to improve their knowledge of the history of the Citroën brand and culture. Here, materials are touched, colours matched, experiments made and above all… ABOVE ALL… you can unwind in a space placed under the aegis of wellbeing. Together, we have created a place where you can get carried away by emotions, where everyone can build up their own rapport with the brand, in line with their desires and passions.

So, welcome to your own home !



Thanks to this new concept, the “La Maison Citroën” flagships sell on average as many vehicles as a classic 500sqm dealership but with only a third the space !