Distributing the right energies


Rexel is the leading multi-channel distributor of electrical supplies in France, serving all energy professionals.
At a time when it is more than ever essential to make a success of the energy transition, Rexel France wishes to rise to this challenge and take part in a necessary change.

Rexel wishes to affirm its growth and digitalization strategy, and its ambitious mission to accelerate the electrification of territories. Rexel is committed to the future, now and in the future.

The company has drawn up a roadmap for 2025 and a strategic direction which is reflected in a new group Purpose “Electrifying solutions that make a sustainable future possible”.

How can we embody this new dynamic and reaffirm Rexel France’s leadership position?

How can the Group’sPurpose be extended to the commercial brand in France in a very concrete and operational way?

How can the expression of the Rexel France brand be developed and deployed across all its attributes?


To assert Rexel France’s uniqueness in its market and among all its target audiences, we have devised a “raison d’agir” that is embodied in a strong, impactful concept:

“Distributing the right energies”.

This was the starting point for our strategic thinking and guided us in the creative expression of the brand. Rexel is a driving force and a facilitator. It makes major energy changes possible in France and gives its customers the means to take part in them. It is resolutely committed to action and to working together.

Rexel believes in the potential of individual and collective energies that set the world in motion.

The new graphic territory embodies this forward-looking stance.

The colour palette, proprietary typography and iconography reflect the optimism and collective energy that drive the brand.

Rexel France is thus affirming its ambitious and committed vision for an optimistic energy future. By supporting its customers in their day-to-day challenges, Rexel invites them to work alongside the company as agents of change, to make major energy developments possible.

We worked with the company on its expression and communication in the broadest sense, including the digital experience of the website, communication for the Tour de France as a new partner, a communication campaign for the new mobile application, as well as several brand films.

Together, we deployed this new identity on the corporate, commercial and employer brand fronts in order to raise the profile of the Rexel France brand.
A brand that is writing a new chapter, with a new energy.