Bringing nature lovers together


Founded in 2007, NaturaBuy is the leading marketplace for the online sale of firearms (hunting, shooting, collection) between private individuals, and also offers fishing and outdoor products.

Although the brand is established and perceived as a trusted player, thanks in particular to the breadth of its catalogue, it faces a number of challenges:
– A sector that divides : between communities (hunters and anglers), and more broadly in terms of hunting itself.
– A hybrid sales model (B2C, C2C, new, used) that is unique but poorly understood by users.
– Double competition from generalist marketplaces (Décathlon, Amazon, etc.) and specialists who are going digital.

Keen to diversify its offering in order to grow and attract new audiences, the brand called on Lonsdale with a stated ambition: “to become the destination for outdoor enthusiasts who want to buy equipment, receive support or share the joy of their activity“.

  • To create a positioning that resonates with different target audiences: hunters, anglers, shooters, experienced enthusiasts and novices alike.
  • Enable the brand to move beyond hunting, shooting and collecting, to embrace a wider range of hunting, shooting and collecting, and open up more widely to practices in the natural environment
  • Modernise the brand’s image and enhance its perceived quality: move from a transactional relationship (a place of convenience) to a more emotional relationship between the brand and its customers.


We analysed the brand and its ecosystem through a market audit, a series of interviews and focus groups with hunters and anglers.
We extracted the fundamental idea that behind every passion lies the exhilarating quest for the ideal equipment.

A key to entry through equipment that speaks to both hunters and anglers and brings these communities together in a caring, inclusive space where the brand becomes an expert advisor.

NaturaBuy’s role is to support people in their quest for perfect equipment, pleasure and performance, enabling them to get started or improve in their passion.

A brand signature has been created to highlight both the functional benefits associated with the NaturaBuy model (buying, selling, equipping) and the emotional benefits (getting away from it all):

Buy, Sell, Equip, Escape

Our creative work focused on highlighting the expert advice that guides users and enables them to navigate through the range. The logo is made up of the brand name combined with an acronym based on the “NB” acronym used by the NaturaBuy community and placed as a superscript.
This acronym, symbolising openness to different passions, is inspired by the compass, with the sight as a second reading. The brand’s two signature colours have been optimised: a balance between efficiency and dynamism on the one hand (bright orange), and stability and humility on the other (deep green).

The iconography highlights the diversity of natural environments and the multitude of practices and moments of life within each universe. It magnifies the environment and the equipment, while the practitioners are relegated to the background. Two patterns accompany the graphic territory. They reinforce the ideas of performance, precision and expertise.