Dream Yacht

Turning a crisis into an opportunity to project the brand into the future.


Founded 20 years ago by Loïc Bonnet, Dream Yacht specializes in the sale and charter of sailing boats – with or without skipper, in cabin… from nearly 50 destinations, all over the world. Leader on its market, the brand had nevertheless not evolved and although it kept a strong place with its historical and faithful target of sea lovers, it needed to renew itself to reach out to new targets.

While the company suffered greatly during the Covid, and following its acquisition by the Czech fund PPF Group to develop its sustainable tourism business, Dream Yacht called on Lonsdale to rethink its uniqueness and project its brand into the future.

The challenges:

  • to anchor the brand in the future (by rethinking its digital uses in particular) and to reaffirm its leadership position (to carry a vision, to build trust);
  • to win new customers by going beyond the browsing market: to speak to a broader target, less expert, in search of exclusive experiences;
  • to continue to make people dream without over-promising.


Our teams have completely redesigned the brand to better reflect the vision and values of the world’s leading sailing group, and to take its pioneering spirit to the next level. The new positioning is based on the brand idea “the sea sets us free”. The promise to give everyone access to the whole world, in all its nuances. An experience that is shared with loved ones and is always done with respect for nature.

The signature “the sea, a land to discover” poetically supports this change of perspective, this promise that beyond the sea, there is a whole world to explore, including many places inaccessible by land. This oxymoron between land and sea reveals the joyful spirit and strength of character of this pioneering brand.

The identity also plays on contrasts, with colors that stand out in their market: green for “tropical vegetation” and gold for “wet sand”. The turtle, inherited from the Seychelles, where the brand originated, reaffirms the brand’s attachment to its history, but reinvents itself in a simple, free and creative gesture. Iconography is key for the tourism sector. Beyond the destinations, which feature coastal landscapes in all their forms, the unique and personal experience that everyone can live is evoked through authentic and singular human visuals. The light, warm and frank during the day, soft in the evening and impressionistic in the early morning, reminds us that the Dream Yacht experience is integral in time as well as in space. A palette of bright colors, which evokes the diversity of experiences that can be had with Dream Yacht, echoes this temporality, tinting the universe with “moonlight” purple or “golden hour” orange. A “timestamp” system supports this transverse narrative of the brand’s expressions.

The result: an identity that allows for an indisputable move upmarket and enriches the brand’s narrative codes to offer a multiplied experience to its historical clients and to conquer its new clients.