Aïn Atlas

(Oulmès Mineral Water)
Evoking the power of nature.

The brief

Market leader in Morocco, Oulmès Mineral Water and its three brands of still water are part of the country’s heritage. Faced with changing market trends, Oulmès Mineral Waters has decided to win back the hearts of Moroccans and reaffirm its position as a market leader, with the renewal of its Sidi Ali, Bahia and Ain Atlas offers.

In a competitive setting, where brands are opting for functional approaches that are weakly anchored and cannibalize one another, the challenge for Aïn Atlas is to embody brand values with powerful assets.

Our recommendation

Branding and graphic construction that evokes the power of pure nature:

  • The Atlas Mountains anchor the brand in its geographic origins.
  • Typography that uses graphic accidents to provide a strong foundation and bring about brand ownability.
  • A green color, which, above and beyond the brand’s analogy to nature, actively participates in visual impact on the shelf.

Visual brand impact praised by sales forces and distributors.