Mama Quilla

An exotic launch.

The brief

With the desire to delve into the dark universe of retail rums, Les Bienheureux has created a shining new brand: Mama Quilla, an extra anejo rum from Guatemala.

How does one create emotion and trigger a spontaneous purchase while still respecting liquor codes?

Our recommendation

For the graphic identity of this Guatemalan rum, Lonsdale imagined a colorful vegetal universe, full of finesse that conveys the legend of the moon deity, Mama Quilla.

Under the protection of the Incas, the goddess assures the ideal weather and natural conditions for abundant harvests.

It is this mystical and earthly union that is celebrated by the brand’s visual expression.

The elegant appearance of the bottle, with a dash of fantasy, immediately catches the eye. For a perfect balance between tradition and novelty, the typographic elements capitalize on the classic liquor codes: a statutory gilding font, accompanied by ornamental wire elements.

And that’s not all – Lonsdale also supported Les Bienheureux by hosting exclusive tasting events in Auchan stores.