Kedge Business School

Create an enhanced student experience in an area dedicated to educational innovation

The brief

To respond to new educational, organizational and digital developments, Kedge Business School wanted to revolutionize the student experience by creating the campus of tomorrow, a place entirely dedicated to educational innovation.

They chose Lonsdale to define the Kedge experience and make the brand stand out from the competition, with best practices to be replicated in the school’s other locations. The new concept had to embody a place of sharing and individual achievement to assert the school’s position as a leader in innovative education.

our recommendation

Located in the exceptional Lumière Building, with its 160,000 m2 surface area (one of Paris’ largest business centres and one of the largest business ecosystems), Kedge BS Paris is a place of versatility, designed as a bridge between innovation and people. It not only responds to the functional and technological role of the school but also brings in an emotional factor, a necessity to effectively meet the aspirations of its different audiences. It humanizes and strongly embodies the educational mission.

Kedge’s Parisian campus therefore revolves around 4 axes: modularity, flexibility, connectivity and user-friendliness. Everything was based on the profound renewal of teaching by placing entrepreneurship at the center of the school’s philosophy. Spaces were deconstructed in order to promote a new way of working: more open, flexible, and comfortable. To achieve this, Lonsdale anticipated new ways working: collaborative and active teaching, flipped classrooms, project-based organization etc. The end result was mobile learning and multifunctional spaces that meet the needs of each person who enters the school.

The agency understood the importance of the first point of contact, a showcase of the school’s ambitions. Thus, our teams designed a reception area that can wow visitors at first sight and serves as an invitation to the world of educational innovation. Lonsdale also worked on markers that strongly express the values of innovation, emotion and brand identity. One of the brand’s principal trademarks is the giant screen in the reception area, where students and visitors alike can view and benefit from the topics and discussions of the moment.