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Revolutionising the on-shelf organic category and rejuvenating its target audience


As one of France’s leading brands of herbal teas, Eléphant decided to invest in the organic market by creating a brand new range of 100% natural organic herbal teas.

The challenge for the agency was twofold: firstly, to revolutionise the organic offer on the shelves by expressing the breadth of the range and the taste, and secondly, to create a more streamlined approach by introducing codes and naturalness.


The challenge was to find the right balance to define a strong, memorable and identifiable identity: nature has taste! The taste of Eléphant infusions is one of the brand’s core values, which we expressed through a modern, natural colour palette: fresh, unsaturated colours that enhance the ingredients. We also adopted a top-down view of raw ingredients and natural light. The aim is to express the naturalness and simplicity of these infusions.

We also simplified the core range Eléphant logo by removing the lotus structure around the logo and treating it in monochrome to meet the initial objective of simplicity and purity.

A range with a colourful, gourmet universe that challenges the traditional codes of the organic market and herbal teas.