At SNCF? You Bet!

The Brief

How many companies do you know that hire around 4,500 people per year? Well, you can probably imagine that their needs match their ambitions, both in terms of attractiveness and organization.

Our mission was entrusted to us by the SNCF, an emblematic player in sustainable mobility, in one single question: “How does one set up a digital recruitment solution that is robust from both a functional AND technical standpoint?”

Our Recommendation

The best way to find out what applicants expect is to start by putting yourself in their place. In a context of shortfalls and hyper-volatility, it seemed to us that the best approach was the simplest one: to focus on engaging touchpoints, at the right moment, with clear and honest messages.
Lonsdale thus created, along with our partner Talentsoft, a fluid and innovative platform inspired by e-commerce practices.

Thanks to an enriched user experience, multiple tools, and content that enhances the SNCF group’s diverse occupational areas (reports, portraits, etc.), each candidate can find the job that best suits them, according to their profile.

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+ 18% visits

+130% visits generated by natural reference

+ 97% mobile connections

A performing site, a Silver Top Com at the 2019 Corporate Business Grand Prix, and delighted customers: What more could you ask for?