St Hubert

St Hubert reinvents itself for its 120th anniversary


2024 marks a major turning point for St Hubert, which is celebrating its 120th anniversary. The brand, French leader in the margarine industry, wants to clarify its product concepts and aims to awaken the category with breakthrough innovations.

How can St Hubert’s new positioning be embodied through a modernized brand identity? What is the brand’s new story? How can we rethink product concepts and give the brand the capacity to drive tomorrow’s innovations?

Our recommendation

Storytelling and a new identity

In a shrinking market, where products look the same and promises are primarily functional, we capitalized on the emotional capital of the St Hubert brand by developing a strong, proprietary “Positive Rurality” story.

By capitalizing on the emblematic village and highlighting its heritage and emotional values, we designed a branding concept that would generate preference, loyalty and shelf-retrieval.

The packaging for St Hubert 41 clarifies the promise for non-consumers, while preserving its role as a benchmark in the margarine market.
For St Hubert Omega 3, the health benefits have been made more distinctive, while maintaining its position as a business pillar.

Two new innovations

Lonsdale also designed the packaging for two breakthrough innovations in the category.

For St Hubert L’Original, we designed a soft, modern packaging that emphasizes the delicious, tender texture of margarine with a good taste of butter. The aim was to emphasize the organoleptic pleasure of butter, but in a margarine version.
St Hubert Secret de Chef, on the other hand, relies on more premium codes and references to the world of gastronomy to appeal to cooking and pastry enthusiasts, such as black, a unique color for the category, and refined typography.

Hugo Desmaresceaux, St Hubert’s Marketing Director, comments: “Working with the Lonsdale teams was essential. Their strategic expertise enabled us to deepen our understanding of the St Hubert brand and carry out an in-depth semiological study. They also challenged us in a co-construction to create a solid branding, highlighting the emotional capital of the brand and clarifying the advantages of our portfolio. Their exceptional quality of execution led to a new brand structure and a revamped logo, ensuring excellent results on the shelves!”