Pernod Ricard

To be or not to Bewiz?

The brief

Pernod Ricard seized the emerging Hard Seltzer trend (an already highly competitive market in the US) and decided to create its own brand.

The ambition of the new Pernod Ricard brand is strong: to become the emblem of Generation Z while taking into account the challenges of establishing itself in this new category as one of the industry’s leading players.

How does one address a generation in constant search of well-being and naturalness?

How does one seduce them with a new category, somewhere between alcohol and flavored water?

our recommendation

Lonsdale helped Pernod Ricard create a positive brand that encourages solidarity and creativity with a compelling name: BEWIZ.

As a sign of inclusiveness, BEWIZ’s emblem is a fingerprint. It encourages connection (digital or physical) and celebration of each person’s uniqueness.

BEWIZ’s mission is to transmit a communicative energy filled with optimism and cheerfulness. To embody this mission, each can is embellished with a colorful and vibrant strip, representing the unique ingredients of each recipe that each contains a trio of natural aromas, fruits and plants. Encapsulated within the fingerprint, the brand name sits at the center of the can, delivering a powerful brand impact.

BEWIZ enter a new dimension: the new generation.